The Old Country

In small villages, away from big cities…from dusk ‘till dawn, working the potato and hay fields, tending to cattle and horses.  This hard and exhausting routine was an everyday life, but it was a very satisfying and fulfilling life.  Parents of both Jurek and Barbara, had just that kind of livelihood, and along side of them did their children.  Witnessing the hard work their parents were enduring instilled in them the same qualities and with that a desire to make the future for their children a little less hard full.

Land of Opportunity

With the dream of better opportunity still instilled in their hearts, both Jurek and Barbara were presented with an opportunity to come to the United States.  Shortly after arriving in their new home land, they had an opportunity to take advantage of life’s lessons thought to them by their parents.  Barbara started of as a cleaning lady, and Jurek as a siding installer, both working 12 to 14 hour days.  It was a hard journey for them, but they new they were making progress and trying to better their lives.


After about four years an idea was born.  With Jurek’s siding installation experience and Barbara’s outgoing personality, they embarked on a journey that is still alive today.  B&B Siding LLC, was born, a siding installation company with a focus on being honest, true and above all dedicated to customers.


Since 1993, B&B Siding LLC has been working for countless number of Staten Island residents.  Each job was a commitment to a satisfied customer with an idea of treating every each one of them as if they were family or close friends.

Attention to detail, craftsmanship and most of all honesty were the main virtues by which Barbara and Jurek wanted to work by.  


Like Family

To some of our competitors, our business plan was too involved; it seemed to carry to much emphasis on relationships with people instead of the bottom line.  But our commitment to those simple ideas, staying true to our word on each job and honoring all agreements, eventually paid off.  We found ourselves working from job to job with out spending a single dollar on advertising.  The relationships build over time with our customers, who became our friends, helped sustain and grow our venture on its own.

Jarek & Kamil.JPG

A Family Affair

As time went by, Barbara & Jurek realized because of their success it was time to enlist help in running the ever-growing enterprise.  Who better then their own sons, and at that point B&B Siding LLC became a true family affair.  In the late 90’s three brothers joined the ranks as installers, Jarek (Jerry), Robert and Slawek (Steve).  In 2004 came time for the fourth son, Kamil.  Fresh out of college and with big ideas of running the family business, he was quickly put in his place and found him self along side of his dad on the scaffold, learning the hard side of the business.  


Two years later, Jurek and Barbara decided it was time to let the boys take over and expand.  Kamil was put in charge of estimating and running the admin side of the business.  The other trio, with already years of experience under their belt, Jarek, Robert and Slawek, each establish their own crews and with the Family Logo “B&B Siding LLC” on their trucks, set out to continue to serve the Staten Island community.  


Today, B&B Siding LLC still holds to the same hard core values of honesty, quality and dedication to customers.  With three crews comprised of not only brothers, but also hard working family people, this venture is sure to be a part of the Staten Island Family for decades to come.